Char'Roh'Khar - A Primer

Char'Roh'Khar, or simply Char, is a world about to enter its iron age. One may misconstrue this as meaning that its denizens are crude savages, and while this is certainly true of many, many of the tribes (such as the Tal'Sho'Vin) have simply moved along different paths than metal.

You are one of the Roh'Sven'Nil, the people of the shattered continent of Roh, living as hidden nomads in the vast, ancient forests of continent Char. Unlike other tribes, yours' is a group of refugees, a great many vastly different peoples forced into a single tribe for survival. You are not welcome in your new home, despite you being born here, and it has made your tribe wary of outsiders. At worse, these tensions have caused minor skirmishes with the ever-expanding Tal'Sho'Vin with their Stone-Singers and the eternally aggressive Fril'Nar'Shea and their Sea Priests, but it always feels as if you are on the brink of war with them.

Your people have found a small foothold in New Azdaera, the hidden city cloistered away in a series of caves carved out by countless rivers and waterfalls. It is a beautiful sign of hope, though it is but a pale shade of true Azdaera, which now only the honored dead walk the streets of. Though the living Goddess, Iriyah the Forge Mother, had long kept residence in New Azdaera, she senses a new inspiration singing from the veins of the earth and has ventured out with your nomadic band into the wilds to discover it.

Will you try to make the most of your new home, making friends and enemies and becoming true Charan people, or will you be beguiled by the tales of your grandparents of the sweet beauties of Roh and seek out the means by which the continent was destroyed and if it may be mended still? The choice is entirely yours.

Char'Roh'Khar - A Primer

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